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Singapore Kindness Movement

With the aim to inspire graciousness one kind act at a time, SKM hopes to create a gracious society and make life better for you and me.


Print and Digital


Singapore Kindness Movement





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The work

How does one design to inspire kindness? With a wide demographic to appeal to from students to adults, SKM graphics utilise a broad range of styles to encourage and promote the concept of kindness.

Through the use of bright visuals and strict content hierarchy, the design direction employs a vibrant layout that conveys information in an organised yet exciting format.


The outcome

Our designs are seen by students all over Singapore!

Various kindness exercises have been conceptualised and designed for primary school children, along with a wide range of illustration aesthetics to match the key messages.

Other design collaterals include the Beyond the Label campaigns, as well as Transport Gold Awards that recognise kindness ambassadors in the transport industry.

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