Regenerative medicine is the new frontier in skincare aesthetics. Offering a wide spectrum of proven products, P'Cell invests in new technologies to enhance stem cell extraction to combat the common signs of skin ageing.


Branding and Identity






Southeast Asia

The insights

As a skincare brand that patented a breakthrough discovery in regenerative medicine, P'Cell sets itself apart in a crowded industry through honest branding that reinforces scientific facts above cliche marketing promises.

It was essential to articulate the product's educational touch points by incorporating clinical design concepts that would strengthen P'Cell's credibility and scientific core amongst increasingly discerning consumers.

The outcome

We composed a branding vision that expressed P’Cell, through drawing inspiration from their patented stem cell technology. As a brand that takes pride in its scientific research and breakthrough regenerative medicine, we wanted to ensure their logo, graphic elements and colour palette comprehensively represented this. We continue creating insightful marketing content for P’Cell’s social media while growing their audience and successfully building brand awareness.

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