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Naturing Ubin

The exhibition: a collective showcase of 36 National University of Singapore - Department of Architecture project proposals for Pulau Ubin, opened to fanfare with Minister of State (National Development) Desmond Lee gracing the opening night.


Branding and Exhibition


National University of Singapore





The work

We were challenged to condense a large-scale project into a lucid and digestible experience for the public. We did this with extensive curatorial research and optimisation of messaging channels. 

Space planning and guided visitor experiences were essential in mapping how a visitor would navigate the immersive journey.


To complement the experience, sustainable approaches to design were undertaken.

The outcome

The result? NATURING UBIN, a one-of-a-kind exhibition that saw attendance rates that impressed NUS. It also received plaudits for our designs of display pedestals as well as our launch of Pulau Ubin’s first mobile app.

Naturing Ubin app Sixmoredays
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A good young company full of integrity.

Wong Yunn Chii

Architecture Head National University Singapore

Other Projects

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