Mala Mala

Mala Mala is Singapore's first homegrown mala flavoured chips brand. Their vibrant and youthful lifestyle angle embraces the trendy digital consumer who enjoys the unexpected punch of spice with life.


Branding and Identity


Funville Holdings





The insights

Aligning the brand's lifestyle approach to their fiery identity, a suite of brand and marketing strategies were proposed that included social videos, guerrilla stunts and influencer engagements.

To instil a vibrant brand presence that allows Mala Mala’s products to stand out, a new website design was executed to improve the user's purchasing experience and also reinforce the brand's social engagement approach.

The outcome

We developed guidelines that governed the packaging and identity of future products, using a good balance of colours while sustaining the brand’s wild colour palette.


Packaging was developed in line with a KOL promotion, allowing the products to significantly stand out amongst other snack products, both in store and digitally.

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