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A cosy and luxurious speakeasy perfect for intimate dates or business meetings, Joji was the place to unwind. Opened by one-Michelin star restaurant Shinji by Kanesaka, Joji celebrated the best of Japanese liquor.


Branding and Identity


Shinji by Kanesaka


Food and Beverage



The work

In conjunction with a change in address, one-Michelin star omakase restaurant Shinji by Kanesaka underwent a brand revamp. It wanted a revitalised image that preserved its prestige yet reflected its ability to adapt and embrace change.

At the same time, Shinji opened its new bar Joji that served as an after-hours getaway for both restaurant customers and hotel guests.


Our branding promised a bar experience that was Michelin star-worthy.

The outcome

We succeeded in creating a rebranded vision for Shinji that dovetailed with the development of their co-brand Joji. Collaterals, socials and digital marketing platforms were produced to consolidate the brand's distinctive Japanese identity, which was also manifested in patrons' experience of the interior of the bar.

Shinji Website Sixmoredays
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It has been a joy working with Sixmoredays. Thank you for helping us set up Joji - you will always be a part of us.

Kristi and Kathi Ong

Founders, Shinji by Kanesaka

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