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One of the top food suppliers in Singapore, servicing  clients of top hotels, food businesses, airlines and culinary institutions. Food Xervices is a brand that believes in sharing the versatility of food and the joy it brings. 


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Food Xervices





The insights

More than just a food distributor. Food Xervices embarked on a print editorial to breathe new stories to the food products they supplied. The idea is to showcase the use of food in creative ways, and inspire new preparation ideas to push for their key brand products.

With this in mind, every issue was curated to discuss the inventive use of various ingredients alongside thematic seasons, meeting the needs of the end consumer.

The outcome

Conceptualised monthly magazine issues, with a consistent theme that included gifting, styling, recipes and miscellaneous DIY interactives. The issues incorporated different topics that aimed to insightfully share food topics while marketing a unique hero product, in each article.

We upheld an abstract and clean style that effectively maintained a visual balance between the texts and visuals.

With a wide audience reach and a low cost per impression rate, we managed to garner over 12000 engagements during the 3 week campaign period.

Participants were also rewarded with vouchers and product sets to encourage sampling.

Through a strategic participant assessment process, the data collected from the campaign was integral in the profiling of customers and evaluating the direction of future marketing efforts.

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