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12 tarts per customer

Kicking off 2016's trends with one where customers were speculated to have had to queue for more than 2 hours for these famous Japanese baked cheese tarts from Hokkaido sold at Ion Orchard.

With customers limited to just 12 tarts each, this brought back memories of the doughnut craze that ended as swiftly as it began years prior. We can’t wait to see 2017’s new foodie obsession.

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11 months without haze

We guess we should thank Indonesia for providing us 11 months of clean air. After a long period of nearly unbreathable air in 2015, Singaporeans flew into a panic when the haze briefly returned in August. 

Thankfully, masks weren’t depleted from stores as quickly this time round; perhaps because the haze period was rather brief, but more likely because we were already well stocked from the year before.

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10 liu sha  dishes

If 2016 could be culinarily characterised, it would undoubtedly be a liu sha (salted egg yolk) dish. From coffee shops to fast food giant McDonald’s, almost everyone started crafting unique liu sha dishes.

The inventive recipes may have been too varied to count, but at Sixmoredays, the consensus for the top ten are: Salted egg yolk crab, squid, tart, prawns, ice cream, ribs, fries, cookies, chicken, bao and cupcake!

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9 trending artistes

With increasing confidence in the local music industry, local acts have garnered even more support amongst Singaporeans. In 2016 alone, The Sam Willows and Gentle Bones held their first concerts. Nathan Hartono broke into China and Universal Music SG signed homegrown Charlie Lim and Linying.

Sezairi Sezali and Stephanie Sun released new EPs and Taufik Batisah performed at the 5th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Drug Matters. To top it off, JJ Lin bagged Best Male Singer and Best Composer at the 27th Golden Melody Awards. We've never been prouder of our talents.

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8 years idolising

The only thing better than meeting your idol would be surpassing him one day. After 8 years of idolising Olympic legend Michael Phelps, Joseph Schooling went up against his idol in this year’s Olympics

Schooling emerged with Singapore’s first Olympic gold medal; and while many were quick to ride on his success, more of us saw his story as an inspiration to achieving our personal goals.

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7-Eleven tea craze

This year's tea craze took the shape of unassuming beige and white cylinders: 純萃。喝 milk tea and latte were quickly sold out in 7-Eleven stores, some people even buying them en masse to resell at higher prices.

Unfortunately, the milk tea flavour was soon recalled due to the presence of an illegal addictive, meaning that social media addicts were limited to taking selfies with only one bottled flavour instead of two.

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6moredays a workin'

It's been over two years since Sixmoredays started operations and every festive season we feel especially thankful for the support and trust our clients, staff and partners have in us.

This festive greeting is our way of saying thank you, and a little reminder that with the holidays just around the corner, it's time to take a break and spend some time with those who we work hard for.

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5 step wipeout

The ‘Do the Mozzie Wipeout’ may have pioneered in 2013, but the prevention campaign in Februrary 2016 held greater significance this year preluding the threat of the Zika virus.

The first local transmission confirmation triggered a nationwide scramble for mosquito patches and repellents. But with minimal infection cases, it looks like this campaign certainly proved effective.

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4 hundred thousand

She may hold 2 world records and 3 Paralympic gold medals, but Yip Pin Xiu's win in 2016 drew controversy about the disparity between the cash awards for Gold Olympians and Gold Paralympians.

The government may have consequently chosen to double it (totalling S$400 000), but it was still nowhere near the one million awarded to Gold Olympians. Here's hoping for changing attitudes in 2017.

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3  Poké teams

When Pokémon Go fever hit the island in July, the intensity only appeared crazier due to the small size of Singapore. Throngs of people hit the streets with the faces glued to the screen (well, more so than usual).

Perhaps the reason whipping out your phone mid-transit didn’t upset many was because they were doing exactly that too. More importantly, what team were you on?"

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2nd placed Hartono

Who cares if there were only 81 judges but 92 votes casted in the finals? (We all do actually) Hartono wasn’t too bothered when he emerged as first-runner up in the Sing! China finals.

We decidedly chose to celebrate his achievements instead: being the first Singaporean to make it past the blind auditions, what more clinch second place in a singing competition of international standards.

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1 Michelin Star Bak Chor Mee

Foodies went nuts when Hill Street Tai Hwa was one of the hawker stores awarded the prestigious Michelin stars in the inaugural Singapore Michelin Guide back in July.

Spending hours queuing for this Teochew Bak Chor Mee suddenly became a new normal, and Singapore became famous for being the only country you could get a Michelin starred dish for less than S$5.

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