World Premiere Exhibition

The Da Vinci original, backed with historical and scientific facts; travels all over the world in an interactive exhibition that celebrates the breathtaking story of La Gioconda's most famous artistic painting.


Marketing, Digital and OOH


The Mona Lisa Foundation


Art exhibition


Singapore, China,


The insights

With its world premiere in Singapore, the prestige of the exhibition meant that all communications and visual depictions of the 'Earlier Mona Lisa' painting had to express a specific dignity, although the difficulty lay in marketing the exhibition to the general public.

Whilst the ordinary museum going crowd was a shoo-in, marketing ideas were brainstormed to explore how the new social media generation could be targeted without diluting the brand name.

The outcome

The retail landscape experiences a plethora of marketing campaigns vying for customer attention with a barrage of visual noise. The intention was to create a strong thematic visual identity that uniquely distinguished Takashimaya mall.

The approach employs a diverse range of photography and illustration techniques to promote the Mastercard® campaigns using clean, sophisticated and impactful images.

It has been like a voyage of discovery to work with Sixmoredays: your fast, efficient and highly competent service has been excellent and certainly world class.

David Feldman

Vice President, The Mona Lisa Foundation

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