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Dr. Bags

The trusted aesthetics clinic for designer bags with their use of groundbreaking Korean technology, their goal to establish themselves prominently is complemented by their projection of a premium brand image.



Branding and Identity

Leather Solutions


Professional services



The campaign

Rebranding Dr. Bags as the premium cleaning and maintenance service for designer bags and shoes, we consolidated and conveyed a sophisticated brand identity and image of them as a market disruptor with value-added services.

The outcome

During the re-branding process, we conceptualised and created visual elements inspired by Dr. Bags' luxurious aesthetic, yet retaining heart in its light colour palette and subtle textures. All marketing and brand collaterals were realigned to form a cohesive brand package for franchising opportunities, with thematic elements of craftsmanship in focus to reinforce the value of the brand's services.

Other Projects

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